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for the long tail of performance.

"Today's performance issues are nuanced and time-consuming to investigate. Scout is how we get our time back."
AndresAndres Barcenas, Senior DevOps Engineer, MDLIVE

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Already using an APM product? See this walkthru showing how much time you'll save investigating latency spikes with Scout.

There are exponentially more ways for our systems to fail in 2018. These edge failures are distracting and time-intensive to investigate. Scout surfaces problems you can't see in a chart.

Instead of...

outliers...charts masking outliers

Scout pro actively identifies hard-to-find performance issues that don't show up in timeseries charts. Our intelligence engine is continually refined to show what's most relevant for your apps.

relax...digging for optimizations

Not all possible optimizations are equal. Scout works to identify lower-hanging fruit - like an N+1 database query - that can have the largest impact with the least effort.

stress...performance engineering by one

Performance work shouldn't all fall on you, but too often, it does. Scout makes it easy to attribute bottlenecks to the developer that's most familiar with the relevant code.

surprise...changes catching you by surprise

Scout's combination of insights, deploy tracking, and Git integration makes it easy to identify what's changed, by whom, and why without `@all`-ing your Slack channel.

maze...getting lost in a cluttered UI

Scout is a best-of-breed performance tool that cares deeply about your work flow. We don't clutter the experience with unnecessary bits.

editor...missing source code references

There's nothing worse than seeing a slow method call without a backtrace. Our agents work hard to efficiently grab backtraces of slow calls.

guess....guess-and-deploy instrumentation

When you need to add custom instrumentation, validating you instrumented the right code by commit+deploy is painfully slow. Scout makes it easy to immediately verify your instrumentation during development with DevTrace.

garbage...wasteful pre-optimization

Time spent pre-optimizing is time lost on product. Scout surfaces the issues that are most impacting your app in production, helping your team minimize time spent on performance work.

turtle...mysterious database slowdowns

Your development environment rarely resembles a large production database. Scout makes it easier to identify queries that are a bottleneck for transactions, capacity issues, and more.

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"We liked New Relic but we love Scout!" - Aaron Scruggs, VP of Engineering, AcademicWorks


"Forgot Stackprof, Bullet, or rack-mini-profiler - Scout will tell you - in production - exactly what endpoints and sql queries are consistently slow, and why."

tyTy Rauber, CTO, Outbound Collective

The core APM features you've come to expect.

  • Transaction Traces

    Our intelligence engine captures transaction traces from your app's most interesting requests. Our agents instrument database queries, external HTTP calls, and many more activities.

  • Database Instrumentation

    Scout provides additional focus on database queries, which are the most common bottleneck of web apps today.

  • Aggregrated Endpoint Metrics

    Scout generates aggregates metrics all transactions for every web endpoint and background job.

  • Alerting

    Notify your team of escalating 95th percentile response times, dramatic changes in throughput, and more.

  • Time Comparisons

    Easily compare performance between different time periods.

  • Learn about our full feature set in our docs.